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Commercial signs surround us in all the many environments we encounter during our day.  Whether we’re driving to work, walking through a grocery store or zipping around the mall, we’re exposed to graphics and signage features that tell us where we are and what direction to follow.

What about your current office and building design - is your office welcoming to your clients, or does it encourage visitors to enter your building?  And when people get in your building, do they know where they are going?  How about the outside of your business - is your name or brand clearly indicated on the outside of key buildings?  At Jeff’s Graphics, we feel that well designed and positioned commercial signage can allow both clients and visitors to experience your brand interactively.

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Commercial Signage

Custom commercial signage allows you to build a connection with your clients and customers both inside and outside of your office.  If you’re looking to captivate the attention of your audience, commercial signage can be a significant way to grab their attention.  Both current and future clients might see your signage from a distance as they drive by, or they might walk right next to your business.  In order to grab their attention, some options on the outside of your building include:

  • A-frames
  • Banners
  • Fabric Signs
  • Flags
  • Sidewalk Signs

One of the easiest ways to build a connection with your community is to design and install sidewalk signs.  A-frame signage provides a 3D structure that creates a presence and shares your brand or message, and you can update your A-frame periodically to feature specific products and services.


We have decades of experience in logo design - we are the professional logo designers you need to brand or promote your business. We build eye-catching and appealing logos that communicate everything you want to share about your business, to both current or future customers.

So whether you are just starting to dream or you need to revamp an outdated logo, contact Jeff’s Graphics for all of your custom logo design projects.

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Once a client or visitor enters your office or building, you want to ensure you show exciting and vivid visual signage.  Keeping your clients engaged and giving them a feeling of interaction will help them feel welcome, comfortable and glad to be at your business.  For indoor commercial signage we offer a range of signage features, including:

  • Backlit Graphics
  • Banners and Retractable Banner Stands
  • Canvas Signage
  • Directional Signage
  • Floor Decals
  • Foamcore Signs
  • Glass Graphics
  • Wall Murals

We look forward to customizing all of your commercial signage in order to meet and fulfill your commercial branding requirements.  Our custom business signage helps your clients enjoy their experience in your office by indicating where they need to go and what’s important to remember.

Indoor Commercial Signage Designs